A (non) made up post.

What would it mean for you NOT to apply any makeup tomorrow morning?

I don’t actually wear all that much makeup.  A little colored lip gloss.  Some rouge.  Eye liner and mascara.

But I do wear it.  Most of the time.

Except for this morning, when I decided that it was just plain ridiculous for me to waist 10 minutes of my life on primping before going to the grocery store for some yogurt.  To the grocery store!  I may be a single gal, but this is hardly a good enough reason to throw on some cover girl eye liner.  Really, now.

So, gulp, I went completely and utterly without.

My inspiration came from Caitlyn, as she’s currently not wearing any makeup at all for a set period of time, as a way for her to think about who she is without it and why she feels that she needs it.

The result?  Well.  I’d like to say that I walked through the grocery store with an air of unexpected confidence.  With an inner sense of peace.

More natural.  

More beautiful.

Truth is, I remembered (and remembered very well) that I had absolutely nothing on my face.  That my eyes felt lifeless without their usual dark coat of mascara.  That I probably looked as sickly as I was feeling yesterday.

Confidence?  What confidence?

After throwing my makeup on to go out for the rest of the day, however, I suddenly—magically!!  with some help from a masacara wand—felt better.

More beautiful.


Speaking from an honest heart, I absolutely hate that I felt this way!

The fact that a paint job made all the difference in my confidence level is just downright disturbing.

Not that I would never go to a job interview without wearing makeup.  And–c’mon!–holidays are practically made for smoky eyes.  I love trying new colors and practicing new techniques.  But I’m shocked and, quite frankly, ashamed by how much I felt the need to wear it.  To the grocery store.  To pick up a tub of yogurt.  

The point is, I think that a lot of these negative thoughts of how we see ourselves comes from us personally and not from others.

I’ve heard many girls exclaim that their boyfriend/husband likes them better natural or with very minimal makeup.  It’s true that we are our own biggest critics.  We notice our own flaws as if they’re so obvious, when really?  They’re not.

All of this kind of makes you wonder…

Why can’t we love ourselves for who we are in the same way that we love others for who they are (with or without makeup)?

What is it about a smear of liner or a shimmery eye shadow that makes us feel more special.  More desirable?

Why can’t we see ourselves the way that God sees us?  Beautiful, special, and absolutely wonderful.  

QUESTION: Do you wear makeup on a daily basis?  Do you feel or act differently when you aren’t wearing makeup versus when you do?