I Know Myself.

1. If there is cake in the house, I will eat it.  There’s no such thing as saying no.  Hence the reason why I very seldom have cake in the house. 😉

2. Life without an apron, a whisk and a good pair of knives just wouldn’t be the same.

3. Nothing makes me swoon like the smell of basil after a fresh, summery rain storm.

4. My pantry will always be filled with quinoa…

5. …my fridge will always have a bottle of fine vinegar for dressing up some greens…

6. …and there will always be a bar of dark chocolate sitting in my closet.

7. A larger than life salad makes me feel good, good, GREAT.

8. Everything feels better in the morning.

9. I feel most at home in my own skin when I’m wearing a pair of running sneakers.

QUESTION: What do you know about yourself?