Sunday’s Superbowl Snippets

Yesterday was a very sad day for Patriots football fans everwhere.

(but a very GOOD day for Giants fans… 😉 )

I think the poor men folk are still recovering.

At least there was plenty of good food around.

(and that’s just the appetizer table!)

Never mind the chili, meatballs, chicken, baked beans, etc.

And Nicole’s baked onion rings, which I am hopelessly addicted to!

I’m obsessed!

Seriously.  Nicole knows by now to just place the onion ring platter right in front of me.  It’s a little ridiculous how much I love these things.

As for the game?  Well.  I wish I could partake in all the superbowl excitement, but honestly, I’m more excited about seeing everyone, eating good food and playing with a certain cat named Stitch.

I did get into the game a little bit though.

I mean.

I didn’t end up pulling out the Real Simple magazines that I had toted along just in case the game got boring.  The game was so close, I didn’t even have a chance to get bored.  Maybe I have an inner football fan somewhere, trying to get out.  Maybe. 😉

Time for me to get to work after a long (fun) weekend!!!

QUESTION: Did you watch the superbowl last night?  Are you a sports fan?