A Hike in the Whites.

Thank you all so very much for the Happy Birthday wishes!!  You guys are the absolute greatest. 😀

Yesterday’s hike turned out more than fabulous.

It was one of those perfect New England fall days.

The morning air was crisp and cool, softened lightly with summer’s lingering warm breeze and sun.  There were leaves zig-zagging across the air with a comical sort of ease.  There were silent morning bikers, fellow hikers with their big goofy dogs, and the smells of pine and dirt and leaves.

Instantly, I felt peace.  Instantly, I felt home.

One of my life goals is to achieve and conquer each of the forty eight 4,000ft. mountains of NH.  It feels a little overwhelming, a little out of reach, but both my Dad and my brother have accomplished it, so I’m determined that I can to.

(My brother also completed the Appalachian Trail, which I’ll forever be in awe of!)

Climbing Mt. Cannon has made this the 11th.  A long ways to go, but I’m enjoying each step of progression.  The views at the top were absolutely breathtaking, and I’m so glad that I could enjoy such a fabulous birthday experience with the family. 😀

The hike was a toughy (i.e., very steep!) but the views completely made it worthwhile. 😀

When we made it down to the base of the mountain, we were all starving for food, and so we hit the local pizza shop.  Nothing beats a salty slice of pizza and an all-you-can-eat fresh salad buffet after a long day of hiking. 😉

My 24th birthday was unbelievably delicious and fun.

Yes.  The absolute, most very best.

QUESTION: Favorite autumn activity?