a bucket of flowers.

It doesn’t happen all too often.

But every once in a great while, I get this sudden itch to take out a shovel and dig up some dirt.

I find that the older I get, the more I enjoy the simple things of life.  Like taking my time in selecting just the right flowers for just the right arrangement.  Not caring if something was “right” or “wrong” or what Martha Stewart might think, might do.

None of that.

No primping or prepping (or obsessive Type A planning!)  This afternoon, I plunged my hands into the damp, earthy soil and found myself elbow deep in the most incredibly simplistic joy of flowers.

Of course, you should know, this is a yearly tradition of mine, of dad’s.  Every mother’s day.

We briefly look over the pre-planted buckets of flowers in the florist shops, as if observing our yearly competition.  It doesn’t matter if each and every pot looks beyond perfect (because, you know, they usually do.)  We have other ideas and plans, and we always find ourselves patiently foraging our way through each and every individual plant.

I used to be of the opinion that flowers served no purpose (you can at least, after all, eat a vegetable!)

But then.

Flowers make me smile.

And I have a (not so secret) obsession with quaint little florist shops.

AND, this is the one time I have a good excuse to get my hands dirty.

The secret to putting together your own arrangement is to choose the flowers that make you smile the most.

Throw together a wide selection of flowers with varying colors, sizes and attitude (yes, flowers have attitude!)

And then, as with cooking, just have fun with it.



7 comments on “a bucket of flowers.

  1. Modern Funk says:

    Love the series and your commentary. Very nice!

  2. Nicole says:

    Awww, I LOVE it!

  3. broccolihut says:

    I’ve been planting a potted herb garden on my patio over the past few years. I get so much satisfaction from it that I think I will definitely have to get my hands dirty more often once I have a yard to play in!

  4. emily says:

    i miss having an area to plant flowers. maybe i should just start a little pot garden inside. i’m kind of into terrariums right now, too. 🙂

  5. I have nominated you dear writer for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please continue to plant your seeds of wisdom. Congratulations and blessings.

  6. Katie says:

    These are beautiful photos – made me smile from ear to ear!

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