stuff a squash.

This is Part X IX of the “31 Days of Healthy Living Series.”

I went to Whole Foods.

I searched through the produce department.

I bypassed the spaghetti squash.

I overlooked the butternut.

And then.

I bought myself a kabocha squash.


One cup of kabocha squash, also known as “Japanese Pumpkin”, offers you 70% of your daily vitamin A intake, a good dose of potassium and plenty of fiber (with or without the peel, which is edible and delicious!)  It’s very similar in taste to a butternut squash…only sweeter.  

And the texture is equally nice, with a dense, firm bite (think sweet potato meets pumpkin!), making it the perfect option for soups and sautes.



You could just stuff it.

Tonight, I pulled some lentil taco filling out of the freezer, rewarmed it, stuffed it right into half of a roasted squash, tossed up a side salad, and called it dinner.

Such a ridiculously convenient dinner to throw together, while I ran around putting the groceries away.

Oh.  And it’s vegan.  And gluten free.  And deeply nutritious.

My new go-to convenience food.

Stuffed Kabocha Squash
(serves 2)

You don’t need to stuff this with the lentil taco filling.  Try leftover chili with a bit of cheese melted on top.  Or yesterday’s stir fry.  Or anything really.  Have fun it!

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Place kabocha squash cut side down on baking pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray.  Cook for 30 minutes to 1 hour, completely depending on size of squash (mine took 30 minutes, as it was “personal sized.”)  Squash is ready when knife slides easily into skin.
  3. Remove from oven and stuff it silly…ENJOY! 😀

QUESTION: What is your favorite squash?


13 comments on “stuff a squash.

  1. BroccoliHut says:

    Delicious! I don’t think I’ve actually ever cooked with kabocha. I will definitely have to try it after reading this post.
    I love all kinds of squash, but recently spaghetti squash has been showing up a lot in my shopping cart.

  2. Never tried this squash… but I AM COMPLETELY obsessed with Butternut and Spaghetti squash. I eat spaghetti squash EVERY SINGLE DAY! Seriously, not one day without it. lol.

  3. You’re such an adventurous eater Sarah! I always read your blogs and there is at least one ingredient I hadn’t heard of. Thanks for broadening my food horizons! 😉

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  5. Emily says:

    Kabocha is my favorite squash!!!! OMG so good!!! Delicata (spelling?) is a close second!

  6. Katie says:

    Squash!! That’s like picking a favorite child (which is actually easy because I only have one) – but I really love them all too much to choose. Acorn, butternut, and kabocha are tied. Oh and delicata.

    • Sarah says:

      I must find this “delicata squash” which I’ve heard so much about! 😀

      I completely forgot bout acorn squash…so yummy! Definitely one of my favorites as well. 😀

  7. When I am home again, I will try out your method with the squash… looks rather amazing Sarah 🙂

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