a walk through the woods.

Today I felt like walking.

There’s something pure and magical about the woods in my backyard.  I swear I know it by heart (“yep, like the back of my hand!”)  

(ahem…as a side note, not the best walking shoes, but I wasn’t planning on going out as far as I did!)

But then, despite my boastful confidence in the woods, a new season comes along–summer to autumn, autumn to winter, winter to spring–and (oh my word!) everything changes.  Suddenly and drastically.

It’s like a wild and vibrant slide show, where you just never know what’s coming next.

So, of course, the only thing you can really do is…

(a) Sit back, watch, listen and enjoy.


(b) Try to remember where you came from so as not to get lost. 😉


I may like to think that I know my backyard like the very back of my hand.



The woods are magical.  Always changing.  Always unique.  Always something new to find.

QUESTION: Do you live near forest/woods?  Are you in the city?  Near the ocean?  I live smack dab in the middle of the woods…and I love it!  I definitely need my ocean/city time too though. 😉


6 comments on “a walk through the woods.

  1. Lisa Fine says:

    Beautiful photos!

    I love the woods, but often miss the ocean and city. Luckily, my parents live near both, so I can get my fill fairly easily. There’s nothing like a woodsy walk on an autumn day, that’s for sure.

  2. planaquarium says:

    Love these! Remind me of the woods of my childhood. I miss the roaming and random discoveries of treasures and/or trash (often the same thing =)

  3. Beautiful post, Sarah. I did a fall walk with my camera last year and LOVED the images I got. There are so many colors and striking images to capture.

    I live in a city but I think I could live just about anywhere and be happy. I like to move around and get a change of scenery. I seem to get antsy in one area if I’m there for too long : )

  4. Nicole says:

    I went for a little walk through the woods today too! 🙂 LOVE your pics!!!!!

  5. Katie says:

    So beautiful! I would adore walking through woods! We live smack dab in the middle of suburbia. 🙂 So a walk in the park is as close to the woods as I get.

  6. Matt says:

    Oh man this makes me want to move! Even as a suburbanite growing up, farm boy through college, and now a city dweller, I always crave the woods. My favorite runs are driving to the forest preserves around here and just getting lost in the trails….except when I actually get lost and it’s getting dark 🙂 I always take an annual road trip to Colorado for a week of camping and hiking though, gives me my fix for a little bit.

    Awesome shots!

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