the possibilities behind a spaghetti squash.

It’s been raining for what seems like forever.

My hair is frizzing (as in, really frizzing.)

Job hunting has me going insane.  Again.


That doesn’t really matter.  Because I went to Trader Joes and I stocked up at Whole Foods.  My belly is full of Panera soup and I’m getting all cozy with a hot, steamy soy latte.  And.  I found myself a spaghetti squash.

What do I plan on doing with it?


Usually I just roast it and top it with spaghetti sauce.  But who knows what I’ll do with this one.  Something special maybe.  Or something totally ordinary and completely expected.  Who knows?

Maybe, you might have some ideas?


21 comments on “the possibilities behind a spaghetti squash.

  1. Evan Thomas says:

    Weirdly the pictures in this post just show up as red boxes in my google reader. Never happened before.

  2. Lately, if I want to see some ideas and pictures, I check out foodgawker and tastespotting. I submit pictures there weekly and found that little search box is so POWERFUL! I just did a search for spaghetti squash and found a few ideas on the first page of results. I have only done the spaghetti sauce but I know it can have more friends than just the jar of sauce. Have fun and report back 🙂

  3. Nicole says:

    Hmmm, I LOVE spaghetti squash!!!! 🙂 (Oh, and are the kitties behaving)? Ha, ha.

    • Sarah says:

      Haha…yes, they’re being little love-bugs. Stitch wouldn’t stop butting heads with me and rolling all around. And then he insisted on having me drag him around the house in the big blue bag (energy, energy, energy!!)

      And Highstreet? He’s obsessed with food as always. He ran immediately to the pantry where his food is kept until I finally opened him up a can of chicken deluxe cat food…haha. :mrgreen:

  4. Nicole says:

    I was just reading a blog and found you a squash recipe to consider. Ha, ha.
    (Garlicy Spaghetti Squash with Brussels Sprouts: 🙂

  5. BroccoliHut says:

    Darn! I was hoping this post would have a long list of ways to use it! I tend to enjoy it the same way…or even just straight up!

  6. let me tell you what NOT to do…once i wanted to make butternut squash pizza and my hubs came home with a spaghetti squash. not funny at the time, though we can laugh about it now 🙂

    my favorite way i ever ate it was with eggplant parmesan…not super exciting or creative but so good!

  7. You could make spaghetti squash pasta! 🙂

  8. go girl, you give me so much inspiration! i have never had a spaghetti squash (at least not in the pasta variaton) before… i remember seeing some at the markets here in Delhi. Cant wait to try it and also to see what you will do with it!

  9. janetha says:

    I love SS! I bought one at the market and am going to use it in a casserole.

  10. Spaghetti squash is the bomb! I’ve added into egg dishes before, like a frittatas. It’s a good idea 🙂

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