hiking in the whites.

Hello, Hello from New Hampshire!

With Hurricane Irene heading in our general direction, our plans were to fit in our hike this morning and stay cooped up with a good book (and possibly a game of air hockey too!) tomorrow.

Sounds pretty perfect to me. 😀

Mt. Hale was chosen by Dad (who knows the White Mountains like the back of his hand, so we tend to always trust his judgement!)

Mom and I went along for the ride. 😀

Sometimes I wonder what it is that I love most about hiking.  And since hiking certainly offers a lot of time to think and ponder, this is what I came up with.


Besides the peanut butter, bagels, gorp, granola bars and those other bits of tasty hiking food (because I’ve learned that everything…and I do mean everything…tastes good when I’m hiking and hungry!)

I love the simplicity and how slow paced life suddenly becomes, the moment I slip my hiking boots on.  It’s just about taking one step in front of the other.  Slow and steady.  It’s about focusing on your breathing.

(Much like yoga, really!)

It’s about talking about whatever crosses your mind at any given moment and not feeling like it’s a waste of time to discuss such a topic.

It’s about spending as much time eating snacks and lunch as you want.

It’s about breathing in the freshest air that you have ever tasted.

It’s about not wearing makeup.

Throwing your hair up in a ponytail.

And just not caring.


That’s what I love about hiking.  Besides the food and the exercise and being far, far away from technology and everything fast paced.

After our 4-hr hike up and down Mt. Hale, we went off to ice our legs in the nearby river.


Vacation has been lovely so far.

Off to dinner now…

…I’m starving and it’s time to refuel. 😉

QUESTION: What is your favorite outdoor activity?


5 comments on “hiking in the whites.

  1. Nicole says:

    Awww, sounds like SUCH a fun day!! 🙂 I can’t wait until me and Nate go up there. Enjoy your relaxing day tomorrow and be safe!! 🙂

  2. Holly says:

    That sounds like a great way to spend the day! I wouldn’t say that I hike very often, but I do like to walk quite a bit. We have some nice trails near our home that go on for miles. It is so relaxing to just walk (and sometimes run) down the trails, see some animals, ponds, lakes, etc. And it seems that other people who use the trails are so friendly too, which is nice!

  3. Becky Sue says:

    I’m a native of New Hampshire with family still living there. We hiked the White Mountains quite a bit when we were kids. Your photos are gorgeous! I’m liking your blog theme, hmm…

  4. That looks beautiful. I want to go back to the White Mountains again soon. Matt and I loved it last year. Hiking is our favourite acitivity

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