fall is in the air.

Fall is in the air…

Time to head out for a long run, just because you can.

No watch.  No plans.  No goals.

(No sticky t-shirts or heat stroke.) Just run.

Time to open your big ol’ tub of oatmeal.


(…if you’re like me and you eat oatmeal on a day by day basis—year round…)

Time to try something NEW with your morning bowl of oats.

Time to eat outside every. single. chance. you. get.

Time to sign up for one or two fall races with some of your favorite running partners.

Time to indulge in as much produce as possible from your local farmer’s markets.

Time to harvest the last of summer’s sunny produce.

Time to dig up your favorite, beat up, over-sized sweatshirt that you love so much (that one you can’t bear to throw away.)

Time to start dogearing magazines and cookbooks, in search of your new favorite apple recipes.

Time to freeze the last of the blueberries so you can remember what summer tastes like, come December.

Because, you know, it seems that fall is in the air.

QUESTION: Is summer winding down where you live, or is it still in full swing?


13 comments on “fall is in the air.

  1. crissy says:

    Hi sarah! Hope u had a great day. I really like your post, so inspiring to wake up early in the morning, eat a hearty breakfast and appreciate the world around you. Summer is over here in my country. During summer it is so hot like it reaches up to 34 degrees, the hottest I think I have encountered, so we just stay at home or some people take the advantage to go to the beach. I didn’t enjoyed much last summer because I was in a review.

  2. BroccoliHut says:

    It’s still hitting the 90s every day here…so yeah, it’s still nasty summer here. I can’t wait for crisp autumn days and tasty squash!

  3. I could almost feel a cool breeze from just reading this! And today’s high was 97*. I was looking back at old posts from last year to see when we started getting those cooler temps. It will be mid to late September before we get some cool mornings. I cannot wait!!!

  4. livvy30 says:

    The leaves are already falling over here and it’s time to wear a sweater inside 😦

  5. Nicole says:

    Fall is definitely in the air, and I’m loving it!!! 🙂

  6. Caryn says:

    Your post makes me long for fall (and oatmeal!). Weather-wise, I am unfortunately still in 100+ degrees down in Texas so it’s hard to feel too much like fall. But with football season and school starting, it definitely helps! I can’t wait to wear a sweatshirt 🙂

  7. Alexandra says:

    i love your running pictures, they are so motivational. i love running as well, and i run for a team at my school. and yes, i eat oatmeal each day, just like you. it’s one of my favorite breakfasts (although lately i have been loving muffins!) i love the name of your blog, by the way. it reminds me of my mother, who eats many, many, many onions!

    xx alexandra

  8. Caitlyn says:

    It feels like fall in the early morning, but then the temperatures rise to 95*F and I remember theres still have a few more weeks of this Alabama heat. I am looking forward to the change in weather, though. Then I can go for a run and not return drenched in sweat or fearful I migh have heat stroke!

  9. Fall is just slightly in the air and I really do love it! I just hate that whole winter thing that comes after!

  10. Dev says:

    Its good to rise early and to run a lot.
    Sadly, I haven’t been able to include both in my schedules.
    But I guess, its more about motivation than about the effort. Keep up the good work 🙂

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