Career Choices: From There to Here

Well.  It sure has been a process.  A journey.

Yes.  That’s just it.  A journey.  From there to here, I mean.

I remember being a freshman, spending my first night in a strange dorm room at Gordon College.  This was the night after having been in the Adirondack mountains for 12 days.  I was exhausted.  Physically, mentally, emotionally.  Maybe even spiritually.

And yet, I was ready.  For what?  Not a clue.  New friends, maybe.  New places to see, new ideas to learn and to explore.

And yet, somehow, I never felt quite right.  I didn’t like the career choices that advisers were helping me make.  Actually.  I take that back.  I didn’t like the career choices that *I* was making!

I remember calling my dad and asking him what he thought.  I remember searching through nutrition classes and feeling overwhelmed with excitement, just by the class descriptions.  But I was scared.  Of chemistry.  And biology.  But mostly, I was scared of failing.

But then, it happened.

It = phone call to dad.  The phone call.

The one that sent me on a spiral of new opportunities and new experiences.  Looking back, it now just feels like a blur.  Dad told me to not be afraid of failing, saying that I could always return to Gordon if I felt the need.  He told me I could do it.  He believed in me.

And then.  I graduated.  With a degree in nutrition, at an entirely new school, with an entirely new set of friends.  It was overwhelming.  Absolutely overwhelming.  I almost cried.  Maybe I did.

After graduation, my sister took me out for a girls-only, dream getaway to Boston.

I remember feeling so girly.  So happy.  So giddy with excitement and fun.  So in love with the city, with the day, and with life itself.  And crab cakes (!!!) at the Top of the Hub!

And then, along came the next step for becoming a dietitian.

This was after those five semesters of chemistry.  After anatomy and energy metabolism and medical nutrition therapy.  After one too many sleepless nights, and major exams and research articles that would send anyone’s head swimming.

After all that.  The next step: dietetic internship.

This was 10 months of clinical, community and food service experience.  It was intense.  I walked with mom every chance that I could get, just as a means of giving me energy and keeping me calm (and sane!)  She didn’t mind my venting or complaining or my sharing of stories.  She listened and laughed and sighed right along with me.

I remember these walks carrying me through happy moments, stressful moments, and those moments when I only wanted to sleep.

Yes.  I remember that first day of my dietetic internship as if it was yesterday.

I remember the entire journey.  From there to here.

There.  Confused about career choices at a school in which I never felt quite at home.  Always wanting something more.

To here.  Graduating with a degree in nutrition and (soon!) from my dietetic internship; in just 3 days.  And then, eventually, going for my RD exam.

Life sure is funny.

Career choices.  Never be afraid.  You are more capable of achieving your heart’s dreams and desires than you think you are.  Always aim high.  Because, really, what’s the worse that could happen?


8 comments on “Career Choices: From There to Here

  1. Sara says:

    LOVE this post – sounds like my life over the past year in so many ways. I’m SO happy I decided to go after this little dream of mine to become a dietitian. I’ve never been happier or more proud of myself. I feel empowered by the fact that I’m challenging myself with these science classes and that I actually find them interesting. I can’t wait to take the harder, meatier nutrition classes. I can’t wait to start my internship! Excellent post!

  2. BroccoliHut says:

    Sarah, thanks so much for sharing this!! I had many of the same fears as you–I was afraid to pursue nutrition because I was so insecure about my science abilities. I still have a few more courses to go (microbiology and metabolism), but now that chemistry is over I am elated:)
    Anyway, I send you many congratulations and wish you all the best in the future. You will be a successful dietitian, I am sure!!

  3. Beautifully written and so well said. This was very encouraging and I enjoyed the recap of your journey to where you are today. And even at this point you still have SO much ahead of you. What an exciting season of life. It looks like all that hard work is paying off, no?

    : D

  4. Katie says:

    I love your reflections on your journey – you are such a great writer. Glad you stuck with it and you can look back with such positivity!

  5. Nicole says:

    Hmmm, life can be scary, but it’s so important to ‘just go for it’ sometimes! 🙂 You’ve made awesome decisions and have succeeded at everything you set out to do. 🙂 SO excited to see what you do next!!

  6. Congratulations 🙂
    It’s great that you knew what you wanted to do and you went for it. Doing that can be terrifying! You have every right to be proud of yourself.

  7. This is really encouraging and just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!


  8. Absoutely love this post. You will treasure it so much when you are another 20 or so years into this journey of yours. : )

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