birthdays, ice-cream and fuzzy heads.

Happy 28th Birthday, Nicole!

(Somehow, we girls all turned up to Nicole’s party wearing purple, purple and more purple.  This was not planned! :mrgreen: )

Such sillies!  I absolutely adore these gals!!

Know what else I love?

Well.  Ha!  Besides all this lovin’ going on?


Yes.  I really do love everything about them.

And traditions.  Like having Swiss cheese burgers with sauteed mushrooms every (single) year, for as long as any of us can remember.


And pasta salads.  Can’t forget that now, can we?

Okay.  But really, aside from all the food…

…I love the simple joy of celebrating another year of life.

Another day.  Another moment.  Another breath.

Yes, that’s just it.  I love the celebration of life.

…and fuzzy heads, too.  But that’s besides the point.

Oh.  And icecream.  Did I fail to mention that?

Yet another tradition is that we have icecream sundaes on Nicole’s birthday.  Every.  Single.  Year.

Are you seeing why I love traditions?

From coconut to coconut M&M’s to crushed sugar cones and beyond.

But, like I said.  It’s really not about that.  It’s about the celebration of life and family that I love so much.  Well.  And fuzzy heads.

The rest of it?  Well.  It’s just the cherry on the icecream.


QUESTION: What is your most memorable birthday?


9 comments on “birthdays, ice-cream and fuzzy heads.

  1. Lisa Fine says:

    Happy birthday to Nicole! I love that you always have ice cream sundaes for her birthday. What a fun tradition.

    I had a really fun 20th birthday, since I was in Italy traveling around and visiting my college roommate. The two of us went out for dinner, and had this incredible three-course meal with wine and dessert. I’ll never forget it.

  2. BroccoliHut says:

    Love, love love your ruffled purple shirt, Sarah!

  3. kristisn says:

    My most memorable birthday was this past year when I turned 30. I had a party at a winery with my friends and family. It was the best.

  4. Nicole says:

    It was such a fun birthday BBQ… and we girls totally rocked our purple shirts. 🙂 Next time, we’ll have to make sure the guys aren’t left out. 😉

  5. What a wonderful evening. Your food looks UHHmazing, friend! Seriously.

    My most memorable birthday was probably the year my parents through me a luau and we all took swings at a pinata at the end of the evening. It was birthday perfection.

  6. Your photographs are beautiful. The black and white with the cat is stunning. Best birthday ever was when my twins and husband kept a secret for two years while he saved and scrimped and worked extra to give me a new wedding band. A gorgeous one of a kind band. Funny thing is, I had done the same for him without him knowing either. : ) My bday is attached to our wedding anniversary so it sometimes becomes a dual celebration. : )

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