Saturday Morning.

I love Saturday morning rituals.  And if I really had to choose a favorite moment, a most anticipated time, it would be (yes!) Saturday morning.

Somewhere around 7 o’clock.  Somewhere before 10 o’clock.  Somewhere around there.

My love for Saturday mornings used to revolve around the morning Looney Tune show.  Nicole and Matthew would pull out all of their toys and I would follow suit.  We’d play between commercials and laugh like crazy at bugs bunny and daffy’s latest antics.

And then we would run around and play outside.  Sometimes we’d be ferocious wild horses, running through fields and jumping over logs.  Sometimes we were cowboys (+ girls!) and Indians.  Whatever we might have been for the day, we would always refuel with some good ol’ fashioned balogna and cheese sandwiches.  Life was good.  Life was perfect.

And then I grew up and everything changed.  Except for Saturday mornings.  I still enjoy my rituals (FYI, without elmer fudd!! Ha!)

I drink my morning cup of coffee.  I take in the fresh new day.  I breathe (because sometimes during the week, it’s hard to remember to do this!)  I go for a run and I don’t rush home.  I make myself whatever I want for breakfast.  Life is good.  Life is perfect.

Ezekiel Toast.  Chocolate Hazelnut butter.  Banana.  Milk.

Enjoy your Saturday!!

QUESTION: What are your Saturday morning rituals?


10 comments on “Saturday Morning.

  1. Alison says:

    I really love Saturday mornings too – every Saturday tends to be slightly different, but it just FEELS different than every other day of the week! Love it.

  2. Evan Thomas says:

    Saturday morning means pancakes and long runs for me. I still manage to sneak in a few cartoons here and there 🙂

  3. Colline says:

    I enjoy Saturday mornings as there is no reason to rush! I get up, check my mail and facebook (now I check blogs too!). When everyone is awake, I make a simple breakfast for my family – and we eat it at leisure! Bliss 🙂

  4. Fun post. I heart Saturday mornings, too. My Saturday morning ritual USED to be (before I got married) was to get up early, go for a long run, and come home and make pancakes. So great!

    But now that I’m married, I enjoy a more relaxed ritual of coffee, pancakes and spending time with my husband. It’s much much more wonderful to share my Saturday mornings with my best friend than anything else I can imagine.

  5. Nicole says:

    This is way too funny, because this morning, Nate couldn’t sleep… So I turned on the TV and we watched some old Looney Tune cartoons And I told him about Saturday mornings of years past… Wow! We’re on the same wave-length or something. 😉

  6. Saturday mornings ARE wonderful, aren’t they? In the summer, I like to drink coffee and make a nice, slow breakfast to eat in the garden/on the deck. Definitely a good time to breaaaaathe and enjoy the sunshine!

    Did you make the chocolate hazelnut butter?

    • Oh how I wish!! Once I introduce a Vitamix into my life (and into my kitchen,) I’ll be creating nut butters like its my job. I have so many flavor ideas in mind! In the meantime, I’m stocking up on Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. 😀

      Breakfast on the deck sounds absolutely lovely. I’ll have to do this tomorrow morning. 😀

  7. Katie says:

    My Saturday mornings (and life, really) are pretty routine-less these days, but exercise of some sort is always a must on Saturday mornings!

  8. Emily says:

    I love Saturday mornings too! I love getting up early and taking just a bit longer eating breakfast. I just started a blog about the little things everyday that make me happy. Check it out!

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